STS turns aesthetic Workshop


Aesthetic practices, i.e., lingual and non-lingual competences of shaping, creating and experiencing the world, are core skills of practicioners in the field of art, design and architecture. Yet, recent changes in the university system, such as the academization and harmonization of higher education and the need to theorize, reflect and systematically analyse the discipline's own skills, have led to new discussions about the understandings of aesthetic practices.

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Final Conference "Aesthetic Matters"


After the Europe-wide implementation of the Bologna reform in higher education, the impact of academisation, especially the research imperative, is causing a series of transformations, challenges and opportunities in the arts. The international conference Aesthetic Matters: becoming an artist, a designer and an architect in the age of Bologna aims to contextualise and further expand on the debate around aesthetic education and aesthetic practices in order to explore emerging epistemologies and their potential as political and social forces.

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